Networking With Other Social And Community Services Essay

Networking With Other Social And Community Services Essay

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Networking with other social and community services in the community
I appreciate that the PNWHC gave me a lot of learning opportunities during my placement. I enjoyed attending monthly members meetings hosted by Community Service Council (CSC), and Manawatu Abuse Intervention Network (MAIN) because I was able to meet social workers and key workers from a wide range of social and community service agencies in Palmerston North. Listening to these workers’ experiences in supporting their clients gave me a general insight into what services are available from each agencies and how they contribute their resources and work together to increase the awareness of welfare issues within the community. Workshops about the LGBTI+ community hosted by Rainbow Youth and MidCentral DHB were also eye opening for me, as I had not had much experience working with the LGPTI+ clients and relevant groups in the community. I believe that these meetings and workshops enabled me to enrich my knowledge of the community and social issues related to the community including the LGBTI+ and minority ethnic groups.

These learning opportunities also encouraged me to create a list of social and community services and relevant places in Palmerston North so that I can physically find and visit services while introducing the PNWHC services to them. I am satisfied that I managed to visit most of the services at Hancock Community House, major tertiary institutions, city libraries, and some places including cafés and hairdressers where many women visit and that I was able to contribute my efforts to promote the PNWHC services to more services and people in the community. However, I could have visited more places if I had started networking earlier and organised my wee...

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...assured me how I interact with them was appropriate. Furthermore, my placement at the PNWHC allowed me to see how conflicts within the PWHC members were resolved by the collective way. Based on what I have learnt from my placement at the PNWHC, I would like to continue using a strength-based approach and learning different approaches and techniques from experienced practitioners when I do my second placement in the near future. I would also like to improve my communication skills in order to become a reliable social worker in my field of interest, mental health. Furthermore, towards the end of my placement, I realised the importance of having holistic self-care as the helping profession could be emotionally draining. One my goals would be to improve my physical as well as psychological wellbeing by monitoring my eating, sleeping cycles, daily exercises, and so on.

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