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Networking and Communication Essay

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Through many generations, technology has innovated and advanced itself to meet the demands of the consumer market. Consumers desire products that will enhance their social networking and communication. One of the most powerful products to keep consumers socially connected was the iPod touch. The iPod touch is not only a portable media player; it has numerous applications from all forms of entertainment to social networking. Apple marketed the first iPod touch in September of 2007, and by present day; it is rare to find any individual without one.
As the iTouch is able to download music, videos, and movies, there are all kinds of legal ethical issues that are involved such as copyright infringements. In addition, since they are mobile devices, users can connect to the Internet through any unsecured wireless network, even if it means they are stealing the service. Additionally, there are various social issues drawn in since the Touch acts as a form of communication. With users constantly updating their statuses and the convenience of the tracking tool, it creates severe problems for stalking and cyber security. Another thing that has come up recently is that Apple is now offering subscriptions to magazines, newspapers, and etc. that can be read on the Touch. The problem is that one has to pay for and download an application from the Apple store in order to read them, even though one has already paid for a subscription to the magazine. The iPod Touch has doubtlessly strengthened sociability between people, but it also shaped problems for cyber stalking and personal safety.
Ethical legal issues
Copyright infringement becomes a severe problem when consumers illegally download music, videos, and movi...

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...out privacy.
The iPod touch has created copious benefits for consumers, and for that reason, it is uncommon to spot an individual without one. Ever since the iPod touch first appeared in the market, it has generated amazing sales for the Apple company. Since the Touch is indeed a mobile device, many ethical, legal, security, and social issues come into play. Legal issues such as copyright infringement, ethical issues such as cheating on exams, security issues like the tracking gadget, and problems with social networking are all issues involved with the new technology. The different issues are building and connecting upon each other. Despite the issues encountered, the iPod Touch is a powerful gadget with various applications and entertainment. It has enhanced and simplified communication and networking to meet the demands of its consumers’ generation.

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