Essay about Network Topologies Analysis and Comparison

Essay about Network Topologies Analysis and Comparison

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Network Topologies Analysis and Comparison

The bus topology connects several computers, or nodes, with a communication channel, often a single cable. Computers on a bus either transmit data to other computers on the network or listen for data from other computers on the network. They are not responsible for moving data from one computer to the next. Consequently, if one computer fails, it does not affect the rest of the network. Because the data, or electronic signal, is sent to the entire network, it travels from one end of the cable to the other. If the signal is allowed to continue uninterrupted, it will keep bouncing back and forth along the cable and prevent other computers from sending signals. Therefore, the signal must be stopped after it has had a chance to reach the proper destination address. To stop the signal from bouncing, a component called a terminator is placed at each end of the cable to absorb free signals. Absorbing the signal clears the cable so that other computers can send data. Both ends of the network must be terminated with a terminator. A barrel connector can be used to extend the cables for better reach. A barrel connector can connect two pieces of cable together to make a longer piece of cable which can be helpful in many office situations. However, connectors weaken the signal and should be used sparingly. One continuous cable is preferable to connecting several smaller ones with connectors. Using too many connectors can prevent the signal from being correctly received. There are ways around that. Another handy piece of equipment is known as a repeater, a repeater can be used to connect two cables together. A repeater actually boosts the signal before it sends the signal on its way. A repeater is...

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... central node connected to each of the other nodes, usually a smaller computer or terminals, by a single, point to point link. All communications between network devices must pass through the central node. Thus, the central node intervenes to deliver messages to a specified destination. Some pros and cons to the Star Topography would be:
1. Failure of the central node shuts down the entire network.
2 The star network offers the advantage of centralized resources and management.
3 If one computer or the cable that connects it to the hub fails on a star network, only the failed computer will not be able to send or receive network data, thus not affecting the rest of the network.
4. Each computer is connected to a central point, this topology requires a great deal of cable in a large network installation and could cost a great deal of time and money for installation.

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