The Network Reconstruction Methods With Bayesian Networks Essay

The Network Reconstruction Methods With Bayesian Networks Essay

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• Workforce/financing* As there is no specific financing for the project, different of my postdoctoral position, and by the big amount of processing tasks of preprocessing and modeling I asked about involving interested students. As this option was not considered I assumed all these tasks.
2. Simultaneously to the research project, I reviewed of methodological topics.
• Revisit Network reconstruction methods with Bayesian networks: I began reviewing the foundations of causality and their implementation with Bayesian networks, according to Judea Pearl and other authors Kjærulff & Madsen (1), Nagarajan, Scutari, & Lèbre (2) and Neapolitan (3).
• Revisit Graph Theory and network science methods, mainly from an operative perspective to be applied with Pajek software ((4)) (5)).
• Science communication
- Improving paper/technical writing skills (English): Postdoc writing group weekly meetings. OSU offers courses on writing improvement for non-native and native graduate students. I found “EDUT&L 6912-Writing Up Research for International and Second Language Graduate Students”. According to OSU regulations, taking part of those courses as staff member is just allowed by regular enrollment in the graduate school. I did the prior check of fees and tuition conditions and my eligibility for the employee fee authorization for the autumn term. The two credit course for a non-resident student, which includes J1 visa holders, is 3,994.60 USD (, and the office of human resources informed that “although [I am] eligible for the [benefit], this particular course is not covered under Employee Tuition Assistance. Classes that have a grading system that consist of “S...

... middle of paper ...

...netcollab/) hosted by the Department of Statistics, as the initial and second meeting of “Network Evolution and Technology Collaborative”.
- I participated in the XSEDE HPC Workshop: Big Data, held April 7th, 2015 by the Ohio Supercomputer Center.
Topic 4.3. Research groups on modeling complex health issues out of OSU
- I keep contact with the initiative of Unitwin Unesco for the Complex Systems Digital Campus which is related to the European Society of Complex Systems. I acted as Co-chair in the Social Psychology e-session in the Social Cognition e-track (Sep 29th – Oct 1st) in the CS-DC’15 world e-conference – e-Satellite of the Conference on Complex Systems (CCS’15) held in Tempe, AZ, U.S.
Topic 4.4. Contact with financing institutions (NIH)
- According to Postdoc limitations to have a role of PI, I did not begin any contact with NIH or other funding agencies.

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