Network Planning And Design Software Essay

Network Planning And Design Software Essay

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Assigning the precise amount of network capacity in the right place at the right time is no simple task. Network Planners cannot afford to overbuild, as this would consume scarce investment resources that could be better used elsewhere. They also cannot delay expansion as this may result in poor service to customers and under-utilize other network assets. A balanced approach is needed in order to meet the rapidly growing and changing traffic demands. Advanced network planning and design software provides benefit to network planners in the following ways:
1) Advanced Network Planning provisions effective utilization of all network resources affecting network capacity, including both physical and logical constraints, network configuration, IP addresses and all types of network elements. Capacity Planning tools help to predict and avoid resource and capacity shortages.
2) Network Design software capabilities find and allocate end-to-end capacity through the complex hierarchies of today’s networks. Network service providers actively seek out a choice of traffic paths, giving designers a prioritized list of alternatives to choose from and then allocating circuit or packet capacity from end to end.
3) Network survivability refers to the capacity of a network to maintain optimal network connectivity and quality of service requirements under failure conditions. Survivability of a network under different conditions is one of the core requirements in network planning and design. Network planners through advanced planning can make design requirements based on topology, protocol, bandwidth allocation, etc. This includes maintaining a network against any failure of a single link or node, using dynamic routing protocols to reroute traffic du...

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...g and design, implementation, and operations and maintenance services for any size organization.
4) A critical part of network planning involves setting up of security mechanisms. Deploying the network with security configuration provides superior visibility, continuous control and advanced threat protection across the extended network. Additionally, security procedures define policies to monitor the network for securing critical data, obtain visibility, mitigate threats, identify and correlate discrepancies.
5) System design in a data center network provides the tools for addressing the challenges that occur with expansion of data center infrastructure. This includes support for the rapid growth of applications and their data and storage bandwidth, managing and modifying data storage requirements, optimize server-processing resources and access information reliably.

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