Essay about Network : Network Architecture Defence Capabilities

Essay about Network : Network Architecture Defence Capabilities

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Overview of Heterogeneous Network

Abdul Ahad, 104150719, Bhavpreet Kaur Bains, 104213236

Keywords—Heterogeneous Network; Hetnet; Diversity; LTE; small cell; macro cell; femtocell; pico cell; coverage area;
Engineers today believe that the network used must be heterogenous because homogenous network is more vulnerable to malicious attack that exploits a single weakness common to all its components. In contrast, a network in which each critical functionality is provided by a diverse sets of protocols and implementations, attacks that focus on a weakness of one such protocol or implementation will not be able to bring down the entire network.
This report propose a new paradigm, called heterogenous networking, for improving a network architecture defence capabilities. Rather than following the current trend of converging towards single solution to provide the desired functionality at every element of the networking architecture.
The practical limit for cellular system deployment has been reached in densely populated areas. However, the data traffic is even increasing which leaves their operators with only a few choices. They can increase the area spectral efficiency which is one of the most important matrices. But to improve the radio link coding, cognitive transmission and multiple antennas need to be changed. However, all these values are already at their practical limits. This makes the network operators to come up with some other solution which should be very different from conventional cellular system. They called this new system as heterogeneous network.
A heterogeneous network is a network connecting computers and other devices with different operating systems and/or protocols. For example, local a...

... middle of paper ... high capacity spot-free coverage to provide a seamless user experience. Users get a very high speed cellular data. It is most desirable for densely-populated areas. The service provided by it is very reliable and is most cost efficient.
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