Network Model : The Hierarchical Model Essay

Network Model : The Hierarchical Model Essay

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Data Models: Data models describe how data is connected to each other and how that process and stored inside the system.
Hierarchical Model: The hierarchical data model is like trees structurethat present data to users in tree structure. In hierarchical model each record looks like an organizational chart with one top level segment called root. The upper segments are connected logically to the lower segments like as parent and child relationship, and a parent segment can have many children but a child segment can have only one parent. In other words the hierarchical model design is that uses a one to many relationships or links anumber of disparate elements to owner or parent records.

Network Model: Network model data allow the network model to support many to many relationships where records can hold many parents and many children at the same time. The network model shows how data is related to each other. Network database can be large and complex. Network model data is designed for flexible approach to representing objects and relationships.

Relational Model: Rational model is widely used for data storage and processing. It’s a primary data model which is simple to use and has all the properties and capability that required to process data within storage efficiency. Relation data saved in the format of table and each row of a table contains a single record, each row will have one or more attributes that known as relation key. Relation key can identify the row in the relation table.

Data modellers’ use different types of models to view the same data to ensure that all entities, processes, data flow and relationships are identified. There are several different levels of data modelling such as;
• Conceptua...

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...and composed of entities, attributes and relationships. A user has to connect a table with other tables to create a relationship between them.
Entity attributes and identifiers: Entity attributes are property of an entity that can have any value from domain and they have any number of attributes. Database is used for to store information then user can use it when its need in order to achieve this task user has to identify each entity. Attributes can have different values than any other entity. There are two types of entity attributes; Transient and Persistent. Persistent attribute is persisted and derived from database whereas the value will not be persisted and derived in a transient attribute.
Relationship types: there are three types of relationships
One –to –one: In one-to-one relationship both side tables will have one record on both sides such as; Husband Wife

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