Essay on The Network At Blaze Of Bangor, A Small Locally Owned Restaurant

Essay on The Network At Blaze Of Bangor, A Small Locally Owned Restaurant

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For this assessment and report I will be analyzing the network at Blaze in Bangor, a small locally owned restaurant (and also my place of work.) The restaurant employs approximately 35 people, between the front and back of house. The capacity of the restaurant is around 70 on an average night, though expands to 100 when the outdoor patio is in use. Whilst providing an enjoyable atmosphere and good food, it is also important that Blaze maintains the safety of its computer network.
Customers, employees, and the owner of Blaze are all stakeholders in the safety of its computer network. Customer 's credit card information is processed through our system, and so a compromise of our system could mean a compromise of their identity. We also record customer 's phone numbers so we may alert them of table availability, when we are on a wait. Employees are stakeholder 's in the security of the system because our personal information is also stored on the system. Phone numbers, addresses, and tax information are accessed on the manager 's computer. Our hours worked are also stored electronically in the system and a loss of this information could affect our pay. In addition to a personal threat, a failure of the system could also affect employee 's ability to work, for servers rely on the system to run credit card and gift card transactions, and to send orders to the kitchen. Without a means to process payment, and a hindrance in the efficiency of moving orders to the kitchen staff the servers job becomes more difficult, if not impossible and they lose tip money. Finally, the owner of the restaurant has a stake in the security of its system. If customer 's information is compromised, or if they are not able to receive the for or se...

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...ure, it would also be a suitable solution to have a plan for quickly acquiring new hardware and software. To help prevent theft of any piece of the network Blaze might take better care to hide the iPads from the public 's eye, and to not leave them unattended if at all possible. A security system is installed, but maintaining and checking it regularly can prevent after-hours theft. To help limit the threat of viruses and spyware as well as phishing schemes an awareness of the threat of viruses, spyware, and phishing could be raised, and personal use of work computers could be discontinued.
Blaze is very reliant on its computer system, but there are many unaddressed weaknesses. The identification of these as well as executing the above recommendations and solutions could help secure Blaze 's computers as well as the security of its customers, employees, and owner.

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