Network And Computer Systems Administrator

Network And Computer Systems Administrator

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I am proposing to write about becoming a network and computer systems administrator, one of the reasons I chose this field to do my final project on is I am already in this field of work and feel that I have a fairly good background and plenty of information to share with others. I started in the Information Technology field in 2000 as a System Support Specialist for a fairly good sized Insurance Company. I have always like computer and figuring out what makes them work so when I had the chance to apply for a job in this field I jumped at it. The internet plays a large part of every company’s day-to-day business. I performed research in the form of a survey on how individuals chose their career choice and their field of study.

In my survey I found that 75% of the individuals that participated completed at least four years of college either at a Junior College then transferring to a Four Year College or at a Technical School. The purpose of my survey was to see how many individuals used their education for their actual career choice or if they even had furthered their education after graduating from high school. All of the individuals answered my question of being employed with full time jobs. One of the questions that I asked is if 10 years ago this was the job they thought they would be in and 90% of them stated that this was not the job they thought they would have. However I did find that almost half of the individuals that participated in my survey have switched careers since their first career choice at least once or more than once. They have either gone back to school to earn a degree for a new career choice or had enough education background to make the switch and find a new job. The interesting thing that I found in my survey is the younger participants stated that it has taken them longer to find a job in the career field of their choice most of them stated it has take 6 months or longer than it did for the participants that graduated 10 years ago or longer. I think this is because of the ratio of graduates to job availability. There are younger people going to college today than there was ten or twenty years ago.

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More of the female participants stated that since going to college and having a career they have made the choice to stay at home and start their families. This helps to make the graduate to job availability ratio a little better. People also have to work longer in this day and age before they can retire. The day that some of the older participants could retire was at age 65 where as the younger participants have to work till the age of 70 or so. It was very interesting to study the results that I received back from my survey, I was very happy to have all the individuals participate so that I could receive a vast array of answers to my questions. I was surprised that more of the males that participated in my survey had more of the manual labor jobs where as the females had more of the office type positions or where stay-at-home moms. Which, we all know that stay-at-home moms still have a full time job and it is not an easy one.

IT Certifications are growing at a fast pace, but not all certifications are equal. Some certifications are more difficult to earn which are also in high demand. When choosing a certification one needs to match the certification with their career choice. Employers on the other hand need to fully understand what the different certifications truly proves about the individual and how it will affect their ability to perform the job they are hired for. Individuals will find that not having a certification in this day and age will knock them out of the running going against someone who does hold a certification. The benefits of certifications can be looked at from the perspective of the job seeker and from the employer looking to better the skill of themselves or for their staff. There is however the conflict of employers and employees over whether or not the company should pay for the certification. Some employers feel that paying for the certification will give the employee more ammunition to negotiate raises and promotions with little benefit to the company. The employee and the employer need to find the right fit for individuals wishing to obtain an IT Certification that will benefit both of them justly. Keston, Geoff (2007). IT Certification Options, Faulkner Information Services. The pay scale that you can expect to receive will depend on the degree that you obtain but can range anywhere from about $45,000. To about $80,000 per year.

You are at a point in your life where you begin to think about a career choice, what College you want to attend and what you are going to need to achieve before you can start applying for jobs in your chosen career filed. So now you have chosen a career choice of Information Technology but you have several choices to make within this field.

When you decide that you want a job in the field of Information Technology you first need to figure out what side of the field you want to be on there is the Network side and then there is the Computer Hardware side. These are two totally different fields. The Network side deals primarily with Server and the Network Topology whereas the Computer Hardware side deals with desktop computers, printers and such. I am going to lean more to the Network side of things and explain to you first of all what a Network Administrator does in their job functions.

A Network Administrators job is to maintain a stable computer network environment which includes the configuration and installation, planning and supporting all of the network hardware, software and communication links to the outside world known as the World Wide Web. The Network Administrator is also responsible for ensuring the availability of servers and the network to support operational needs of the end users. Analyze hardware and software for acquisition and apply fixes to network servers. Analyze system failures and execute procedures to restore operations such as backup and recovery procedures. The Network Administrator also monitors server and network performance and anticipates needed changes to optimize performance. Design and test configurations necessary for new applications, new technology or enhanced performance.

One of the main goals as a Network Administrator is to achieve an understandable network topology. This is the server layout and how they will communicate with each other. Will you have a single domain or will you need to create a forest.

In example 1.2 you will see a layout of a basic network topology with several servers strategically placed at remote locations though out the United States which connects to the corporate location through the internet and software called Terminal Services.

Example 1.2

The Administrator is also responsible for analyzing and resolving issues for the end users of the corporation and to provide training when and where it is required in areas of Microsoft Word, Excel or Email with an attachment.

Becoming a Network Administrator does not require a lot of physical labor but it does require mental labor. When you become the person in charge of the company’s data and keeping it safe you always have to stay on top of the new technology and also the new ways that attacks can be performed on your network. It also comes with many benefits some of the benefits that I have received from being a network administrator are the benefit of helping people. I love to show one of my end users something in word or excel that they were not aware of and come to find that it is a time saver in their everyday job functions. I get to stay abreast of all the new technology and learn something new every day in my job. This job can be as interesting or as normal as you make it. I work for a smaller company so I get to do everything from set up a new computer to configuring a new server to installing phone and paging equipment. You can take this job as big or as small as you would like and still feel that you are doing a service for your company because without the network they would not be able to perform their day-to-day operations. Of course my company could make parts by uploading the programs manually but they would not be able to communicate with other machines as they do now through the network or the accounting department would not be able to email invoices to our customers they would have to rely on the “snail mail” to send invoices and wait for payment. This career choice can open up a whole new variety of jobs for you to take advantage of it all depends on you and how far you want to take it. I have enjoyed my decision in my choice of an IT Administrator it has been by far the best choice I made thus far. It doesn’t matter if you change your mind in mid-stream and go to a new degree you have to find the right fit that works best for you and your individual life.
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