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I am proposing to write about becoming a network and computer systems administrator, one of the reasons I chose this field to do my final project on is I am already in this field of work and feel that I have a fairly good background and plenty of information to share with others. I started in the Information Technology field in 2000 as a System Support Specialist for a fairly good sized Insurance Company. I have always like computer and figuring out what makes them work so when I had the chance to apply for a job in this field I jumped at it. The internet plays a large part of every company’s day-to-day business. I performed research in the form of a survey on how individuals chose their career choice and their field of study. In my survey I found that 75% of the individuals that participated completed at least four years of college either at a Junior College then transferring to a Four Year College or at a Technical School. The purpose of my survey was to see how many individuals used their education for their actual career choice or if they even had furthered their education after graduating from high school. All of the individuals answered my question of being employed with full time jobs. One of the questions that I asked is if 10 years ago this was the job they thought they would be in and 90% of them stated that this was not the job they thought they would have. However I did find that almost half of the individuals that participated in my survey have switched careers since their first career choice at least once or more than once. They have either gone back to school to earn a degree for a new career choice or had enough education background to make the switch and find a new job. The interesting thing that I found in my survey is the younger participants stated that it has taken them longer to find a job in the career field of their choice most of them stated it has take 6 months or longer than it did for the participants that graduated 10 years ago or longer. I think this is because of the ratio of graduates to job availability. There are younger people going to college today than there was ten or twenty years ago.

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