Netflix Vs. Movie Theaters Essay

Netflix Vs. Movie Theaters Essay

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When debating Netflix and movie theaters the factors to consider are convenience, variety, price, and the experience. These are the four most important factors, because people want the best quality that is the most cost effective. Through my research, I show that movie theaters have an unsurpassed experience associated with them, but Netflix is convenient, affordable, and has a wide array of programs.
The first factor to consider is convenience. Netflix can be the simplest choice, because the average person does not have to leave the house. While there may be a few movie theaters in a town, they require a drive to get to them. Another aspect to consider is that movie theaters follow a set schedule, and the times cannot be altered. For example, if someone has to use the restroom or grab some snacks, they can freely pause the program on Netflix; however at the movie theater the film will continue to run. Netflix is the uncontested winner for convenience, because anyone can control when and how they want to view the program.
The second factor to consider is the variety each offer. Movie theaters have a tendency to bring in the newest titles and push out the others just as quick. Just like movie theaters, Netflix cycles titles in and out throughout each month. Netflix has a wide variety of films, television shows, and even Netflix originals (i.e House of Cards and Orange is the New Black). Sometimes the newest titles in the theaters do not live up to expectation their previews set. This results in unhappy consumers that wish they could get a refund or view a different title. With Netflix if someone is not enjoying their movie, they can end it and start a new one at no additional cost. Movie theaters may have newer titles, but the wai...

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...ablets. Another point to consider is watching two movies at the movie theaters is equal to twenty-three dollars, while Netflix has a set fee no matter how many movies someone chooses to watch. Lastly, considering the prices of the concession stands at movie theaters, going to the grocery store to get snacks is a much cheaper alternative. Netflix is unquestionably better priced than the movie theater, especially when considering the content given for that price.
Netflix and movie theaters each have their advantages, but when it comes to the four factors discussed Netflix is the clear winner. Netflix has a larger variety for a better price, while being convenient for the viewer. While the experience of the movie theater can many times be better, Netflix is doing so well in all the other categories, it makes up for the difference and is the outright winner of the two.

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