The Netflix Original Series Between Follows Residents Of The Town, Pretty Lake

The Netflix Original Series Between Follows Residents Of The Town, Pretty Lake

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The Netflix original series Between follows residents of the town, Pretty Lake. In fact, people who are over the age of 21 living in this small town begin dying with no explanation. As a result, the government decides to quarantine the town, leaving residents trapped. We meet Chuck, a spoiled rich kid and captain of the school hockey team. For one thing, he is seen joyriding and ends up almost running over brothers Ronnie and Pat Creeker. When they catch a glimpse that Chuck was the one driving, Pat goes to Chuck’s house to confront him about the damage Chuck has caused, and how he needs to pay for it. Yet, Chuck’s mother and father who are sitting on the porch only deny the allegations brought up against their son. It is in this moment that the first death occurs with Chuck’s mother who coughs up blood and dies. As time progress more residents of Pretty Lake continue to die at increasing numbers.
Additionally, viewers are then introduced to a pregnant teenager named Wiley who lives with her sister Melissa who is deeply religious. Wiley then befriends Adam who is deemed the school tech genius, and together they make plans to escape. However, their plan changes when Wiley ends up giving birth to her son. Willey did not tell Adam the real reason behind her changing her mind. Instead she made up an excuse behind her sudden change of heart. Not to mention, Adam decided to go through with his plan to escape and was spotted by the guards and almost shot. Notably, in the series, the government continues to promise that they will in fact lift the quarantine only if, and when residents burn the bodies of the deceased. Gord’s grandfather dies as a result of the “plague” like death, and he is forced to look after his sister Franny. Adam ma...

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...selves of the virus, no additional information was included to explain why. There was no mention of an amplifying host, and humans were not in direct contact with infected animals (Baumann 589). This plague like virus did not spread from person to person just like bubonic plague. The Bubonic plague is characterized by high fever, and swollen, painful lymph nodes referred to as buboes (Baumann 589).
The knowledge I have acquired about microbiology has influenced my critiquing of shows and movies like the one I described here. In fact, it has helped me to assess if any other organisms could be responsible for transmitting the disease to humans. Moreover, it has aided me in identifying characteristics such as fever, and sore lymph nodes. I am also able to determine symptoms especially in individuals who travelled recently to other countries where the plague is ongoing.

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