Essay on Netflix Architechture And Understanding-Iimproving Multi-CDN Delivery

Essay on Netflix Architechture And Understanding-Iimproving Multi-CDN Delivery

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Video streaming service is one of growing business in the recent years. Many streaming service providers are available in market and there is a lot of competitive edge between those. Some of the providers are Amazon Prime Instant, Hulu, Vudu, ITunes and each has its unique feature.
Netflix is one of the America’s largest movie rental service and in addition provides the subscribers with internet based video streaming service. (Netflix Competitive Advantage, 2010). It was started in 1997 headquartered in Los Gatos, California. (Netflix, 2014). Netflix has more than 40 million subscribers who have access to more than 100,000 titles as on mid-2013 (Netflix, 2014). They have more than 42 shipping locations and ships over 1.575 million DVD’s to subscribers on daily basis (Netflix Competitive Advantage, 2010). In USA the highest ISP speed is 2.97Mbps which is provided by cable vision-optimum. Netflix together with YouTube accounts holds for over 50% of downstream traffic on fixed networks. Its design and traffic management play key roles on its network infrastructure (The ISP Speed Index, 2014). The main strategy of Netflix is to attract more subscribes to the online video streaming service. Amazon, Blockbuster, Walmart, Redbox were some of the competitors of Netflix in movie rental.
Netflix consumes about 29.7% of peak downstream traffic because of its online video streaming service. (Adhikari, et al., 2012). The network architecture of Netflix should be well organized to support the features of high availability and scalability. Netflix previously had its own data center to host the services and functions required for efficient video streaming availability to its customers. Currently, Netflix has adopted cloud techn...

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