Nervous Breakdowns

Nervous Breakdowns

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In the middle Ages, it was called melancholia. In the early 1900s, it was known as neurasthenia. From the 1930s to about 1970, it was known as a nervous breakdown. "Nervous breakdown" is a term that the public uses to characterize a range of mental illnesses, but generally it describes the experience of "snapping" under massive pressure, mental collapse or mental and physical exhaustion. Have you ever wondered how you can tell if someone is having a nervous breakdown? Or what causes them or how they're caused?
Well, the causes of nervous breakdowns are very similar to panic attacks, ADD, and ADHD. There is always a trigger or catalyst that sparks a nervous breakdown. Breakdowns usually stem from a change in a major life event such as a broken relationship, death of a loved one, a demanding job or financial difficulties On some cases getting nervous breakdowns are genetics, you receive them because a past family member has had one or in simpler words family history. Another sign is Coexisting medical conditions such as vitamin deficiencies or thyroid disorders. Stress, drugs, alcohol and depression are one if the most main causes of nervous breakdowns.
You can always treat a breakdown. Sometimes people talk to therapist or someone they trust to discuss their issues and just “let it all out” instead of breaking down. As for others talking doesn’t always work at times it may tend to worsen the problem, so they take prescribed depression pills. Other treatments are drugs, alternative treatments, surgery, and lifestyle changes.
If you feel close to having a nervous breakdown right now you are probably feeling like you have hit rock bottom. Many people who are close to a nervous break down feel a million miles from their real self. Feelings of anger, negativity, exhaustion and anxiety are probably overwhelming you and your ability to pursue a 'normal' life and 'normal' relationships is no doubt proving tough.
Obviously the best approach is to prevent the breakdown from occurring in the first place. Recognizing the warning signs of a nervous breakdown and reducing and managing stress levels can often produce excellent results and prevent the total collapse usually associated with a nervous breakdown.

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There are many ways to treat and cure nervous breakdowns, there are also many way to prevent them. The key is relaxation. Stopping for a while and taking time to relax when you feel things are getting too much will gradually allow your body and mind to start to feel refreshed and re energized again. Regular relaxation will also help 'reset' your sleeping patterns which will help reduce your stress levels greatly. Always remember Relaxation is key.
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