The Nerve Of The Olfactory Nerve Essay

The Nerve Of The Olfactory Nerve Essay

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The first way Laila’s brain guesses that her fiends have ordered pizza at the dorm is because of her ability to smell the pizza. Her ability to smell is because her first cranial nerve, also known as the olfactory nerve, is functioning well. This nerve is responsible for relaying sensory data to the brain and results in the sense of smell. Olfactory receptors are located in the mucosa in the nasal cavity. When airborne chemicals and particles travel to the nasal cavity, they interact with the receptors. Despite the olfactory nerve being part of the nervous system, it does not join the brainstem and is considered the shortest cranial nerve. When Laila breathes in air, the molecules attach to her olfactory mucosa and her olfactory receptors will become stimulated. This causes electrical activity to be transduced into Laila’s olfactory bulb. Through her olfactory tract, Laila’s olfactory bulb cells transmit electrical activity to parts of the central nervous system, allowing her to have the sensation of smelling pizza.
Laila confirms that her friends have ordered pizza using her visual system. Through the sensation of light, sensory information is processed and Laila is then able to see the pizza. The pupil absorbs light, by allowing light to enter the eye, and light will then be transferred to the lens. The lens is responsible for refracting light and focusing the light inside of the eye, also known as the retina. The second cranial nerve, or optic nerve, is responsible for carrying the visual signal from the eye to the optic chiasm. The optic nerve, or second cranial nerve, is located in the back of the eye. This cranial nerve transfers visual information to visual centers in the brain through many electric impulses. The optic...

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...ea include the pyramidal, extrapyramidal and cerebellar tracts. Pyramidal tracts pass through pyramids in the medulla and are responsible for gross motor acts as well as controlling motor activity. The extrapyramidal tracts are outside the pyramids and responsible for refining motor acts and regulating motor control. Cerebellar pathways are also responsible for refining motor acts. The pyramidal three tracts consist of the corticospinal tract, the corticonuclear tract, and the cortiopontine tract. The coticospinal tract projects to spinal nerves through the spinal cord. This controls Laila’s skilled movements of limbs, specifically Laila’s hands and fingers. The corticonuclear tract projects to cranial nerves and controls fine motor skills, such as Laila’s speech, allowing her to ask about the pizza. This tract innervates cranial nerves involved in speech production.

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