Nepotism Influences People's Work Ethic Essay

Nepotism Influences People's Work Ethic Essay

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Nepotism influences people’s work ethic; disadvantages in a working environment can out way the advantages of this cause. Many people have different views on the positive and negative results of Nepotism. Nepotism is a form of favoritism to a person based only on the connection with the person. For example someone could hire their family member but they may not be the best applicant. Nepotism has an idea based on giving something based off of value. Nepotism is not fair and should be banned from the world, and education. The sad thing is that nepotism seems to be very useful to people in the world today. If someone goes through life living of off family relationship, they are less willing to learn important skills that will help them in everyday hard working situations.
Nepotism isn’t just popular in family business or firms it is also being hugely used and talked about by National Congress men and how people have found a life style they have grown accustom to. This is something known as Nepotism. With the national members there is a permanent majority in congress that is completely happy with a current state of campaign financing towards their families (Kroft).Most think that it is illegal but that isn’t the case, it’s what’s legal. For congress if you have leadership packs with your family you can pay to hire your relatives (Kroft). For example Ron Paul has six relatives on a campaign payroll, paying them a total of 304,000 over two elections for them to stay hired because they are his family members and he is using Nepotism (Korft). It has been said that 75 Congress members have payed to have them work with them in the campaign (Kroft).
The negativity in working with Nepotism draws attention to the people who do not work ...

... middle of paper ... in a small business. Nepotism is intended to be negative but is positive in lots of ways also. Never underestimate the affects that Nepotism has on families and businesses. In today’s society you must hire the best qualified to help your business succeed, not just because they are family and you are expected too.

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