The Nepal Monarchy Of Nepal Essay

The Nepal Monarchy Of Nepal Essay

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The Nepal monarchy was founded in 1768. Throughout history, rule of the country passed through generations of the royal family because political parties were banned. South Asia (2015) explains in 1990, the first People’s Movement began to steer the monarchy toward a more democratic government. In 1991, the first elections were held and by 1996 the Maoist party declared war on the elected government and existing monarchy. The Democratic Party launched another People’s Movement in 2006, which led to King Gyanendra surrendering his power to Parliament. On May 28, 2008, the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal signed its own constitution and abolished the 240 year monarchy (South Asia, 2015).
Located in South Asia, the 147,181 square kilometer landlocked country of Nepal shares its border with China to the north and India to the east, south and west. Beautiful mountain peaks; opportunities for exploration, and trekking keep the tourist industry alive; however a majority of the country lives in hunger and poverty. Nepal is home to approximately 27 million people who primarily rely on agriculture to keep their economy going. Moran (2014) states when compared to other countries of the world, Nepal is in the bottom 25% of countries in regard to capital gain and income. Public health is greatly affected in these poverty stricken areas due to the labor intensiveness and societal demands of the country. The Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal is a mere seven years old, which helps to explain the lack of socio-political infrastructure and inexperience when it comes to healthcare.
Due to poor living conditions and a lack of governmental resources, some of Nepal’s most prevalent health concerns include malnutrition, diarrhea, gast...

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...e at the Nepali clinics managing the symptoms of those in need of assistance. During this time of interaction, nurses can educate the people about the importance of utilizing safe drinking water, either from a clean well or by means of boiling the water to prevent diarrhea, Hepatitis A and E. Malnutrition can be decreased by asking for international aid for food supplies and volunteers can present these supplies when they arrive to the small towns outside of the urban cities. This by no means will solve the 29% of malnourished children under the age of 14 but it could help decrease the statistic (South Asia, 2015). Education about the transmission of HIV/ AIDS and TB would also be appropriate. With improved education of the trained Nepali healthcare providers and general population, there is more opportunity for healthcare success in this blossoming country.

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