Essay on The Neo Test And The Five Factor Model

Essay on The Neo Test And The Five Factor Model

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According to the IPIP- NEO Test, it lets the individual know what personality he/ she have by estimating each level of their five broad personality domains of the Five-Factor Model. The test contains 300 questions that uses a Likert Scale which is completed within 40 to 60 minutes. If the test is taken in a timely manner, the more likely the test and results can be reliable. If an individual rush to take the test, the less likely the results will not be what one expects them to be. The IPIP- NEO Test has a short version which people may take within 20 minutes, but there is less reliability compare to the long version of the test.
A few days ago, I took the long version on the IPIP- Neo Test which it took me about an hour to complete. As I submitted the answers and waited for the results, I was thinking that it will show that I am an introvert. Once I received the results, I was shocked to see that I was 45% extravert because I feel and see myself as an introvert. The test pointed out that I received a high score in extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, and neuroticism, but scored low in openness to experience. After taking the IPIP- NEO test, I took the ONet Interest which helps an individual identify which career will satisfy his/her job interest. The results demonstrated that I scored high in social interest career than the other five interest.
My IPIP- NEO and ONet Interest are a criterion validity since the results will more likely to be similar to one another. For example, for the first test it showed that I am an extravert and within the second test it also said that I like to socialize. Both test results point out that I am an extravert because when people are around me I am friendly, gregarious, cheerful, ...

... middle of paper ... like to socialize with others. I like to offer my people my help whenever they need it such as answering questions even though I may not know, but going out my own way to see if someone else may know the answer. If there is a new student or coworker, I like to show them around and try to start a conversation or vice versa.
At the end, I disagree and agree with the test results because it somehow shows where I am at within my level of personality. When my received my results, I was shocked because my expectation was the complete opposite. I wish I had someone to explain to me why my view and the test results were different when I took the time to complete all 300 questions. I agree that self-report cannot be reliable compare to having a psychologist test an individual. Hopefully retaking both test will have different results than the first time I have taken it.

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