Essay about Nelson Mandela: Why Did He Become a Hero?

Essay about Nelson Mandela: Why Did He Become a Hero?

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All the people follow the specific models in their life. They always look for positive and negative aspects of someone special, who can teach them the right way. However, it is not easy to choose between many impressive people around the world, but I would like to write about Nelson Mandela. The main and most important reason for this choice is the struggle against racism. This was the important step which this popular African leader could establish well. He spent 27 years of his life in the prison to reach his goals and could be the first black president in the South Africa. Also, Mandela achieved the Nobel Peace Prize.
Why Mandela became a hero?
National Party of South Africa came to power through the election in 1984. It started the racial segregation, especially in the case of industrial wealth. While South Africa’s white minority had the highest living standards in Africa, which was the same as the standards of living in the Western world have had, the majority of black people in terms of any standards including income, education, and even entering government off...

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