Nelson Mandela 's Political And Social Challenges Essay

Nelson Mandela 's Political And Social Challenges Essay

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Nelson Mandela
Nelson Mandela’s political work in South Africa greatly impacted the lives of many South Africans and even Americans today. His life was a life filled with many great political and social challenges. He worked in the anti-apartheid movement so his great works and striving passion would later change the world. Mandelas life, while difficult at times, helped him become the man that changed the world.
Nelson Mandela was born on July 18, 1918, in South Africa, Houghton. According to Bill Keller, author of Tree Shaker the Story of Nelson Mandela, Nelson’s father (Gadla Henry Mphakanyiswa) was a Xhosa chief in Transkei (120). According to, Mandela was one of ten children. His sibling were Lieby Piliso, Nothusile Bhulehluth, Mabel Notancu Ntimakwhe, Mhlalwa Mandela, Baliwe Mandela, Constance Mbekeni Mandela, Nomabandla Mandela, Makhutswana Mandela, and Daligqili Mandela. Mandela also had six kids with four being daughters and two being sons. He was also married to Evelyn Mase (1944-1958), Winnie Madikizela (1958-1996), and finally, Graca Machel (1998-2013). As states, “Mandela grew up in the town of Qunu. Most of his early life was spent herding and playing with friends. Even though both of his parents were illiterate, they realized the importance of education and sent Mandela to a methodist school when he was seven.” When he turned sixteen, he traveled to Tyhalarha to undergo the circumcision ritual that symbolically marked the transition from boys to men (Keller 120). He studied in various colleges including University Fort Hare, University of London, The University of South Africa, etc.
Nelson Mandela 's greatest achievement was his help with Apartheid and his political work in...

... middle of paper ... no matter what skin color they have. It only depends on their personality on how we treat them. With all of Mandela 's works and achievements, the world would not be the same.
Mandela changed the world with his great works in South Africa and his help in the anti-apartheid movement. Many of these great works included him unifying South Africa and pushing for reconciliation between blacks and whites in the post-apartheid era. He is also the proud winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. Mandela was a great influence on the anti-apartheid. He rose to prominence for his defiance campaign in 1952 and congress in 1955. Mandela shaped the future for all South Africans in today 's society by turning South Africa into a democracy, making it one of the world 's most progressive constitutions and allowing blacks not only into polling booths, but also into the corridors of power.

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