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Famous Person: Nelson Mandela
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Famous Person: Nelson Mandela
Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela became the first black president of an independent South Africa in 1994 (Chasi, & Levy, 2016). Prior to this, he had been imprisoned for 27 years due to an attempt of ousting the pro-apartheid government. After his imprisonment, Mandela advocated for respect of human rights and developing the life of South African citizens. Nelson Mandela’s popularity grew wildly from his notable long struggle against bad governance and racial chauvinism (Pietersen, 2015). As a result, he emerged as the new hero to every person in the world. As a President in South Africa, Mandela was treasured for his outstanding leadership style, wisdom, motivational behavior, and courage of bringing people together to live in harmony.
Leadership refers to the ability of motivating and influencing individuals towards attaining specific targets, while ethics depicts moral values that govern individual’s conduct to maintain constancy and order (Chasi, & Levy, 2016, p.11). As a good leader, Mandela established his leadership styles and with a visionary mind and inspired the people to follow better principles to attain their goals. In addition, Mandela espoused democratic leadership style and demonstrated outstanding leadership qualities in tackling various issues. Some of the notable leadership qualities displayed by Mandela include positive thinking, humility, remarkable endurance, patience; focus on goals, and high level of exculpation.
It is important to note that good leadership qualities play significant role in the political economics, religious, and societal matters through inspiring honorable and ethical considera...

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...ical principles, the president made South Africa and the whole world a better place to live through well articulated leadership style, and life lessons

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