Nelson Mandela and Apartheid Essay

Nelson Mandela and Apartheid Essay

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Apartheid, the strict division between white and colored people, for South Africans has always been a big issue. The man who stopped difficult ways of life for people and communities in South Africa was also their president, Nelson Mandela. Nelson Mandela was a man who put his life on the line to bring people together. He was involved with organizations that would eventually help to end apartheid throughout his life and lead countless amounts of peaceful acts that put an end to this divide. Mandela was even arrested for what he was trying to accomplish. It was difficult, but once he was released from prison, he finished what he and many others had started, he put a stop to apartheid. Nelson Mandela caused for apartheid to be abolished in South Africa today because he was peaceful, patient, and treated all people with respect.
Throughout South Africa’s history, apartheid has been a very important issue that stood out greatly in the country’s culture. The first law created to put apartheid into action was created in 1948. Many laws were created after that, such as the “Population Registration Act No 30 of 1950.” It stated, “A White person is one who is in appearance obviously white – and not generally accepted as Coloured – or who is generally accepted as White – and is not obviously Non-White, provided that a person shall not be classified as a White person if one of his natural parents has been classified as a Coloured person or a Bantu...” The government had to make a law regulating what people would be classified as if they were different, that makes the laws regarding people that fall under these categories very unfair. This was just the beginning of discrimination between people and apartheid. Up until 1994, the ...

... middle of paper ... the way he handled the situation, and united the country. He said in one of his later speeches,
“In regards to the peaceful resolution of their problems and it is absolutely essential for the leaders of the community and the world to create an atmosphere where those good men and women can show their maximum abilities in trying to resolve problems in a peaceful manner and that is why a legend like Pele and all of these behind me are our heroes, our hope because what ever they do in their respective fields they are promoting peace.”

Nelson Mandela was a man who used peace to solve problems and respected everyone, including the people who had put him into jail for most of his life, which is a very hard thing to do.
Nelson Mandela caused for apartheid to be abolished in South Africa today because he was peaceful, patient, and treated all people with respect.

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