The Neighborhood - Original Writing Essay

The Neighborhood - Original Writing Essay

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The two neighborhoods that I chose to use for this assignment are vastly different. The main reason is because they are on opposite sides of the country. The first neighborhood that I visited is the one that I grew up in. This neighborhood is in Connecticut, on the East Coast, all the way across the country from the neighborhood that I currently live in here in West Hollywood. Most of my family lives in Connecticut and Massachusetts and I’m the only one who lives on the West Coast. A big difference is that the neighborhood in Connecticut has houses that are more spaced out, have larger lawns, and very many more trees. There are very few apartments there, unlike where I live now where my entire street is almost all apartment buildings.
None of the buildings on the street that I live on here in California have very big lawns, which contrasts dramatically with my old neighborhood because back in Connecticut most houses have almost an acre of land per house. There are multiple trees on my moms property and the backyard is basically up against a forest. Now there 's still a good amount of trees on the street I currently live on in here California, but much less and most of them are much smaller or are palm trees. The houses and apartment complexes are also much closer together here, as soon as you look at the pictures you can easily see it 's much more of an urban environment. It’s also very different being so close to everybody living in an apartment, everyone’s door is right next to each other, whereas living in Connecticut you 'd have to walk all the way across the street to knock on somebody’s door.

The next big difference is that my neighborhood in Connecticut actually has a name- it’s called Wells Quarter Village. On the othe...

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...alking down the street in my neighborhood in Connecticut I hardley pass anybody and not many cars go by, but if I do pass someone walking a dog or walking with thier child they always know me, smile, say hi, and ask how I am doing. Since moving here to West Hollywood it is clearly a much bigger city and people don’t know each other as well, so people will often, if not always pass by each other without saying hello and I 'm willing to guess many people don’t know who lives across the street from them. I think it’s because there are so many people passing by on the streets each day it would take forever for each person to say hello or introduce themselves to each other as they pass. I’m not saying that people here are less friendly because if you do to talk to people around here they are, in my opinion, warmer, kinder, and friendlier than people are on the East Coast.

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