The Neighborhood As A Child Essay

The Neighborhood As A Child Essay

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Growing up in my neighborhood as a child I always thought I lived in a low income environment. That was until I actually visited a neighborhood shaped by poverty. As an adult frequently visit Los Angeles and drove past people from various backgrounds. While driving around I began to notice that’s the neighborhoods differ between the wealthy and poor.
Question A
When you first enter Los Angeles you are overwhelmed with the amount of poverty and homelessness. Major streets such as Crenshaw Blvd, Compton Blvd, Florence Ave and 83rd street are all overcrowded with homeless citizens. Poorer neighborhoods tend to be overpopulated with African Americans and Mexicans, fast food restaurants and liquor stores. The schools are heavily populated with students and under-staffed with faculty. These kind of neighborhoods tend to be filled with minorities and immigrants. Too much diversity in areas where resources are scarce tend to cause race wars and gang violence. Police hesitate to visit impoverished neighborhoods because violence there is common; whether it deals with random shootings, burglar...

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