The Negro Artist And Racial Mountain Essay examples

The Negro Artist And Racial Mountain Essay examples

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A Year in the Rearview Mirror
We are born in world where people are classified, a world where each one of us has a role to fill. Most times, it is hard to wake up and escape from this world and its system, so we can make a change. Sometimes some people do realize that something is wrong with our society, however when it comes to get others to see what you see and make them stand up with you, that is when it gets serious and dangerous. We can see how this is true through Malala’s life. Half Ellison showed us how the society also prevents people from realizing who they truly are so they cannot find others like them and make a change; in his book Invisible Man. Similar to Hughes’s “The Negro Artist and Racial Mountain, which clearly illustrates how difficult it is for a “negro” to persuade his dream. Within our society, there are many obstacles, which prevent us from waking up and disrupt our journey to find our identity.
Waking up in a corrupt society can be easy sometimes, because it has become so corrupted that it almost a joke. However liberating oneself from it can be a real struggle because the societies set norms that will prevent one from make a difference in one’s community. Half Elision clearly illustrated this situation in one of his best book the Invisible Man. Just by reading the first sentence from the book we can predict that this book is really captivating. The story might have taken place decades ago but we can still relate to the "Invisible" protagonist. The Protagonist walks are through his live and teach the lesson of the life a young black male back then. A time period where the society literally set up a system in which the Negro are always one step behind the Whites. He demonstrated how hard it is t...

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...nd up against the Taliban because she knew it was wrong. At a young age she started wring and criticizing the women education. Malala is the most courageous, brave, and inspiring girl I have ever known about. She was determined to break the system I which women couldn’t get an education. She even got shot in the process but she still didn’t give, but her bravery was recognized around the world, she was awarded The Nobel piece price.
To sum up, the society does create rules and systems where each individual are supposed to fill up their roles, which is determined by the society it self. Waking up and see the wrongs in our community can be simple, however, breaking the system and making a change is what really matters, it is what we need. Therefore I say let be like Malala, lets stand up and make a difference in this world.

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