Essay on Negotiations in International Relations

Essay on Negotiations in International Relations

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Negotiations in International Relations
In international law, diplomatic negotiations are the primary means of peaceful settlement of disputes between states, which consists of direct discussions. In this research paper we are presenting these negotiations to reach to a fully understanding of the concept as well as its importance and the way things work in international politics.
Diplomacy is the practice of conducting negotiations between parties, more specifically between diplomats, representatives of states and it is mainly used to conduct international relations on subjects such as peace-making, trade, war, economics, culture, environment, and human rights.
Negotiations are a means of resolving initial problems through the establishment of a contract between the parties concerned, the means of reaching an agreement and finding a solution acceptable to the parties. The talks represent the most important part, they are the most efficient and most used means of solving international problems, and reaching a conclusion through treaties and agreements between States. Negotiation, in general, is regarded as a process in which actors seek to reach to an agreement from which each actor should benefit as much as possible and we should take into consideration that there agreements can be explicit or tacit. Negotiation ranges over wars, science, business and as well over diplomatic representation strategies and can also be used to defend private interests. The objective is to get the other side to accept an arrangement that suits one side to the maximum extent , while giving up the least of what one is willing to concede, each one tries to get the most and concede the least. The basics involved in negotiations between natio...

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