The Negotiation Style Of Asian And Asian Cultures Essay

The Negotiation Style Of Asian And Asian Cultures Essay

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Most companies in the word have the need to negotiate to obtain the specific resources they require for their services or products. Negotiation is a process in which two or more parties interact trying to identify a solution to the “allocation of resources or the resolution of seemingly incompatible goals” (Palich, 2002, p. 780). The conviction that the parties has opposing interests or goals can increase when they have different cultures or origins, based on cultural stereotypes and commonly held beliefs. In many situations, the need to negotiate not only with companies from the same country, but also with foreign companies is increasing a cause of the globalization. An example of this is the negotiations between the international companies from American and Asian cultures. The difference between these two cultures can influence the conduct and results of the negotiations.
The negotiation style of Asian and American cultures varies depending on the background of the parties involved in the process. Asian cultures were instructed to work together, while American cultures were raised to be individualistic. That is why Asians are inclined to use collaborative negotiation styles, trying to cooperate and work with their counterparts to find a solution (Ready and Tessema, 2009). In contrast, the American cultures tend to use competitive negotiation styles, trying to find a solution regardless of the other part (Ready and Tessema, 2009). Furthermore, these two cultures may not have the same expectations about the possible outcomes of the negotiation. Their cultural backgrounds support this aspect since Asians lean more to a win-win situation while the Americans would be more inclined on a win-lose approach. That is, Asian cultures try t...

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...tiations and hinder communication.
In conclusion, there are significant differences in the way in which these two cultures face negotiations. Asian cultures prefer teamwork while American cultures prefer competition. Additionally, Asian culture is more inclined to longer sessions that allow them to analyze the point at every hierarchical levels while American culture prefer short and direct meetings. Finally, Asian cultures tend to be more interested in relationships rather than negotiations in contrast to American culture. These differences may influence not only the negotiation process and the final agreements, but also the levels of trust or respect between the parties. Therefore, negotiators must be aware of this cultural gap when they are planning a discussion with another culture, seeking that it does not interfere with the possibility of reaching an agreement.

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