Essay about The Negotiation Of A Negotiation Fallacy

Essay about The Negotiation Of A Negotiation Fallacy

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A negotiation fallacy happens when in a dispute one or more parts use deliberate or unconscious arguments that can lead to a false assumption. These arguments can relate to lies and omission of important data that would help achieve a fairer decision. Attacking someone and not the argument cause distraction to what really matters or using any other fallacies argument that will derive the attention from the focus point of a negotiation. Understanding negotiation fallacies is important to recognize when someone is trying to manipulate the outcome of a negotiation.
• Purchasing Case
Professor Frits mention in class that car sellers use manipulative argument to not give a bigger discount blaming the management while pretending to be supportive to our plea. If we are not conscious about these manipulative arguments, we can be distracted from our target point and settle for a much higher price than the fair point.
5. Perception, cognition and communication – understanding motivations, emotions, body language.
Studying and developing a more sensitive awareness to people behavior that surround us is helpful to predict certain scenarios and attitudes. If we are cognitive of our perceptive behavior, we can communicate more effectively. For that to happen, we need to be open minded and listen with attention, be respectful and aware of our physical posture, and show empathy and always ask for feedback.
• Arm wrestle
In the arm wrestle case, me and my counterpart held hands in wrestling position in complete silence while looking at each other waiting for a signal to start. We listened to the professor speech and after that, we realized that although we listened to the instruction, it was not clear what was required. That was a clear communi...

... middle of paper ...

...uence our mental models of how things work, behavior, and cause-and-effect relationship (Leigh L. Thompson, 2012). When we negotiate, it is important to understand the culture values relating to motivation, influence, and information. Studying and being cognitive to others´ culture will facilitate negotiation process by communicating effectively and understanding the position of the opposite side.
• Cross-culture case (Locals)
In the cross-culture case exercise, it was interesting to watch the outsider’s behavior and attempt to communicate. The outsiders had an individualist behavior trying to gather information alone. They also had a clear hierarchy as they were always taking the information back to their leader. The outsiders did not pay attention to the local’s behavior as they only focused in what the locals were saying and that led to many misunderstanding.

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