Negotiation Is The Golden Rule Of Negotiation Essay

Negotiation Is The Golden Rule Of Negotiation Essay

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Negotiation is a form of communication that happens almost every day. It is not only about fighting for what we want from the other side, but maximizing the interests of all parties and achieve an agreement that no alternative can. Learning from reading materials, practices and reflections, I believe that I have gained a deeper understanding of the logic and tactics in negotiations and I will be able to use them in my future life and careers.
“Never negotiate unprepared” is the golden rule of negotiation. In order to negotiate effectively and efficiently, we should be not only informative but also organized and strategic. Hence, we identify and understand problems and generate options. First, we define negotiating goals and objectives, which have to be concrete, specific, attainable and measurable. We list major issues and prioritize them, identify potential multiple goal packages and evaluate possible trade-offs among multiple goals, mediating the importance of both outcomes and relationships. For instance, in the international lodging merger negotiation, we have multiple issues and it is unlikely for us to achieve the optimal outcome for every issue. Hence, in the preparing stage, we have to consider our preference and different combinations that maximize our profits.
We diagnose the fundamental structure of the negotiation and plan strategies and tactics to reach our goals. If one party’s gain is not at the other party’s expense, the negotiation is integrative. Nonetheless, since many people use distributive bargaining strategies almost exclusively while ignoring collaborative options at all, occasionally it might be necessary for us to label the integrative situation and show them it will bring the be...

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... become very aggressive and attempt to take my advantages, especially in a distributive negotiation. We should frequently remind ourselves our real goal. We negotiate because we want to reach a valuable deal instead of any deals. If an offer is worse than our BATNAs or reservation point, we should be willing to walk away. If our offer has been rejected, we should also attempt to investigate the opportunities of reaching a deal.
I believe the knowledge of interested-based negotiation could be applied to all-levels of communication that I have in daily life. After the learning of different theories and strategies behind negotiations, I gradually realize no matter how complicated an issue is, we could solve the problem based on people’s incentives and interests. My experience in the course has equipped me with confidence to face challenges in my future life and career.

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