The Negotiation Between Union And Management Team Essay

The Negotiation Between Union And Management Team Essay

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The negotiation between union and management team started well on the first day. At the very first meeting the management team provided union with the financial figures of their budget 2014 budget table. This was worked in good faith because it helped the negotiations in the starting and the union team understood about the problems of management.
Question 2)
The negotiation process goes smoothly in the first meeting between the union and management teams. The management provided the balance sheet to the union and described their position. We told them about our plan of relocating to Kennington and about the dividend that we have to pay to the shareholders. We also explain them about the reducing the number of manager and supervisor numbers. It is quite similar to the integrative bargaining in the beginning because it looked very smooth. Both teams came up with an attitude of solving problems on the basis of available resources. The union also provided feedback with a good attitude and they were willing to relocate also but with travel arrangements provided. So the management agreed to that. The main demand where the difference came to the situation is when the management team proposed the random drug testing. The union did not want to agree to that. The differences also arise on the ban of smoking in the workplace.

Question 3)
In the negotiation process, there were some non specific interactions happened between the union and management teams. It also happened within the management team when everyone got confused. Because of the curve ball thrown to us by our tutor. He gave the new info to our management chief negotiator and everyone else did not even know about that. It created some conflicts and we have to take breaks from the...

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...our group we managed in the interest of every member in our team. We took a meeting time before the negotiations and asked everyone advice and demands for the contract. (rasmussen, 2010,2012)

Question 5)
As the management team we focused on our resources and options that we had. We worked as team in which everyone is free to add on any suggestions. We created a chief negotiator who first take the team advice on every clause which we want to change. Intraorganisational bargaining is most of the times critical for the union side because of the large number of workers involved. But in our case we had some issues also in the process. We called out some meetings between the negotiation process to sort out the conflicts between the members of our team. Bargaining happened between the organization. It helped the team to be more strong for the next session of negotiations.

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