Negotiation : Achieving Effective Negotiation Essay

Negotiation : Achieving Effective Negotiation Essay

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Negotiation, competition is having a leader to propose solutions and resolve differences of ideas or opinions of the parties, based on sufficient authority and justice, focusing on common interests, trying to reconcile and mediate equitably to the parties, avoiding manipulation and bias of personal interest.
The description of a work often includes negotiation skills as a desirable quality in applicants a fee list, however the ability to trade implies a set of communication and interpersonal skills to be used together to achieve a satisfactory result . The circumstances of negotiation occur when two people or groups of people cannot agree on the solution of a problem, the goal of a project or contract. A successful negotiation requires the two sides meet to negotiate an agreement that is acceptable to both parties.
For this purpose, it is better guided or adopt certain methods or strategies that can be employed to attaining effective negotiation, a good negotiator should be a person able to function to its full power to leverage all the strengths and opportunities that are presented, and also know the weaknesses and threats, it is necessary or advisable a SWOT analysis with this tool made, you can get great results in a negotiation, since the specific objective which focuses, is that both sides get benefits well, that 's what most companies seek to create alliances between them, generate a shared value between the two, that what is a win-win.
When negotiators have skills to do so, you must understand and take into account the knowledge required to present your idea, you can have the skills and cope the best, but if you will not know, what is the goal to achieve, which strategy is to implement useless skills is always coughing two ...

... middle of paper ...

...unched, and that product has substitutes at a lower price, what will happen is that the buyers of the product or market segment, choose another product of lower price, but possibly of questionable quality, which must be achieved in this case is to express to the client or consumed end as you want to call that what is sought with the new product, is that the money you invest will be reflected in the quality of the product provides. You must find a way, that customers consume the product, otherwise the company gets lost. But be careful with this, that when it comes to who should sell the product but are lost, does not mean it will sell well because so, but you have to see the quality in relation to price, and give it to know the client, because the company seeks that this is satisfied, and so to create a loyalty to the company and generates a value of belonging to her.

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