Negligence in Nursing: The Legal Aspects Essay

Negligence in Nursing: The Legal Aspects Essay

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“The definition of a health professional is a person who works to protect and improve people’s health by the diagnosis and treatment of illness to bring about a complete recovery from mental, physical and social perspectives, either directly or indirectly (Kurban, 2010, pg. 760).” Nurses in the community today have acquired an increasing responsibility to intervene with medical decisions. In the past, there were clear differences between nurses and doctors. It was more common for a nurse to be supervised directly under the physician. They are not just performing Doctor’s orders anymore. The nurse role in patient care has been widely expanded. Allegations against someone can be one of the most stressful moments of their careers. Negligence is a defined understanding in nursing to help understand the roles and rules provided, as well as what can be interpreted as negligence.
According to Mark Cornock (2011) article "The legal definitions of responsibility, accountability and responsibility" cannot be held responsible if someone explains how to implement an action and not allow them to decide. To be responsible, one must have authority over the task or role (p. 26). The records must confirm that the nurse has failed to fulfill his or her duties with the patient. For example, if the nurse not to give oxygen to a patient in respiratory distress, or administered a drug based on their condition and the patient dies, the nurse could be found negligent.
With technological progress, the nurse may encounter problems during his or her career careless application of invasive procedures is increasing. Many hospitals and clinics around the country, nurses are often performing important functions, such as physical examination, diagnosis and tre...

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