The Neglected Responsibility of Immigration Essays

The Neglected Responsibility of Immigration Essays

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The Neglected Responsibility of Immigration
The United States Bureau of Immigration was formed by act of Congress on May 28, 1924 in an attempt to prevent illegal immigration into the United States. New laws and policies were set in place, and an initial 450 Border Patrol officers were assigned to guard the United States borders along Canada and Mexico. The United States Bureau of Immigration, now known as U.S. Customs and Border Protection, has much expanded since it’s implementation nearly a century ago to much distress of both the American people and those considering to immigrate, primarily along the U.S.-Mexican border. Immigration law has been revisited and revised so many times that the labyrinths of information available are nearly impossible to sort through and understand; there are over 1,500 immigrant-related bills in state legislature alone. The lack of understanding regarding immigration law in the U.S. has aided in the surge of illegal immigration which has in consequence caused the number of Border Patrol agents to grow to 21,444, almost 50 times it's initial recruitment, in order to increase border protection. Although news corporations and the general media have been focusing on the brutality and inhumane practices of the U.S. Border Patrol for decades, modern media has virally spread articles and videos of the violent, and sometimes deadly, practices of Border Patrol agents which has not only instilled a sense of fear and resentment towards the U.S. Border Patrol and the politicians supporting them, but has misled many American people to believe that Mexican and Central American immigrants are violent and a danger to society. Decades of misconception, anger, and brutality could have been avoided if the laws reg...

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...gration and vote responsibly for or against the bills related to them. If the American people can join together and work toward a greater solution for immigration, then the areas of government that enforce the law will not have to work as strenuously. In time it may be possible to reduce the amount of Border Patrol agents along the border of the United States and Mexico which would reduce the amount of negative publicity related to their use of physical force. In time it may be possible to have a positive outlook on immigration because the American people worked together to re-simplify, re-define, and enforce immigration laws and policies.

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