Essay The Neglected Ethical And Spiritual Motivations

Essay The Neglected Ethical And Spiritual Motivations

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My article that is titled: The Neglected Ethical and Spiritual Motivations in the Workplace overall is about the understanding of what motivates employees in the workplace and the importance of how it affects the level of work production.
Motivation as defined by our book as the process of arousing and sustaining goal-directed behavior. Motivation alone plays a huge role in any workplace despite the industry. You as a manager always want your coworkers having positive vibes and coming to work with good attitudes, without this, they may as well not even walk in the door. Intrinsic motivation relates to people that show intrinsic values, which are people who work for the love of their job and only that. Pursuing an activity for the essential enjoyment or satisfaction by completing and fulfilling the activity is an example of intrinsic motivation. A worker who is motivated by extrinsic factors, is there just for the benefits in the end result like the money that comes with the job. The pros to using financial spurs in the workplace are that employees will obviously work harder and care more about their job because they know that it will all be worthwhile once they receive their fancy paycheck. In this case job satisfaction will ultimately increase. Employees will continue to do their job above expectations to receive promotions and bonuses. The employees are in good spirits because at the end of the day they know the work they put in is all for a reason and the employer is happy because the company is maximizing their resources by their employees working hard. Some cons to financial incentives is that employees may get burned out or lose all motivation because there is too much stress on them with their job and no amount of money c...

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...each unlimited goals.
As I have found out with this topic, motivation plays a gigantic role in the workplace and can really be the sole factor in what makes a business succeed or fail. I never realized how far companies go in depth with analyzing their employee’s needs for this only helps the company grow and achieve new and higher levels. Business isn’t just about making important decisions that relate to money, it is so much more than that. By keeping your employees motivated and happy with their job and knowing what keeps them motivated and driven, you can make your company that more stronger and have a good heart while doing so. Caring for your employees and workers goes a lot further than just making more money, it makes you feel better as a manager and reassures you that people enjoy working for you while being satisfied with their part in the organization.

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