Essay on The Negativity Of Texting, Where Would We Be Without Text Messaging?

Essay on The Negativity Of Texting, Where Would We Be Without Text Messaging?

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The Negativity of Texting

Where would we be without text messaging? What would our lives be like without text messaging? Text messaging or texting has become evolved into a part of our daily life. We depend on it for most if not pretty much all of the way we communicate. From sending messages, pictures to videos and so much more. “The first text message was sent in 1992 from Neil Papworth, a former developer at Sema Group Telecoms” (Erickson). “Nokia was the first handsets manufacture whose total GSM phone line in 1993 supported user-sending of SMS text messages” […]. “In 1997, Nokia became the first manufacturer to produce a mobile phone with a full keyboard: the Nokia 9000i Communicator” […]. Like any new technology, growth of texting was slow, the average American user sent about 0.4 texts per month in 1995, which increased by 2000 with the average number of text message sent in the U.S. increased to 35 a month per person […]. As texting got more popular so did the technology. Phones started to have full keyboards built into the phone, and now today new smartphones have touch screen keyboards. IBM Simon had the first touch screen in 1992—it’s also referred as the first “smartphone” (Erickson). Soon after other phones followed like the galaxy and iPhones. Texting has become so popular that it has caused some negative feedback. Health issues, such as eye sight issues such as blurred vision, headaches, and emotional stress. Safety is one of the biggest negativity when it comes to texting from driving to texting in public. Unfortunately, texting has caused dangers to many from adults to children. As much as texting is a very popular tool that we use in everyday life it also has its negativity sides too.
Everyday, phones revolv...

... middle of paper ... by installing hands free options in their cars? Hands free devices are helpful to drives since they can use their voice to text and talk then having to type or hold their phone while driving. When it comes to walking and texting it comes down to the person and self-control not to text while walking in high traffic areas and while walking where cars might be present. On the side of health texting can cause eye strains and headaches, even shoulder and back problems. Even though it’s something that’s hard for all of us to do, limiting texting could be the best thing when it comes to safety and health issues. Not only does texting affect health and safety but also children and adults cause it pretty much takes over our lives. It can cause emotional stress and unneeded tension from what in written in the texts to why people haven’t replied to texts and so on.

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