Negativity in Advertising Essay

Negativity in Advertising Essay

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Because our economy is based on consumption, and because that consumption keeps people employed, advertising is indispensable—it motivates and persuades people to consume. Also, advertisements don’t fulfill their primary purpose of providing the customers with information about products. Although advertisements should successfully stimulate consumption, economic activity, and life styles, advertisers should consider whether or not their product will truly benefit the consumers that will buy this product. Instead of using advertisements to maximize profits, advertisers should promote their products in a way that makes the consumers truly feel the need to buy the product.
Advertising is divided into four ways; informing, influencing, adding value, and reminding. The first would be the most typical way; informing. Informing is the most obvious type of advertising. Through advertising, established businesses can announce new and existing products or services they are trying to sell to the public. Basically, a new company can use advertising to inform the public about its business.
Another major source of advertising is influencing. In some cases, it is not enough to simply inform the consumer about a product. Therefore, influencing the consumer to buy the product or service is another important technique used by companies. By using influential language or images in an ad, businesses can influence consumers to buy their product. Influential language and imagery in advertising helps point out the strengths of a product or service, which can influence consumers' purchasing decisions.
Similar to influencing consumers, the value of a product can be increased significantly by adding value to the ...

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