Negatives And Negatives Of International Trade Essay

Negatives And Negatives Of International Trade Essay

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Positives and Negatives of International Trade

International trade is very important in the world’s economy, but are all the outcomes of this process positive? International trade can affect many economic rituals in a way that can be good, or it could cause disaster. I am going to discuss the outcomes of international trade and what positive and negatives come with this procedure.

First, I am going to start with the negatives people that have a job in big time international trading countries understand the impact it can have on them. If you live in a major trading country your jobs will increase and your income will go up, but if you live on the importing side life gets a lot harder. Jobs will decline slowing each year, so that means there will be a lot more unemployed people as well as the number of people in poverty will increase. Also, importing dangerous goods, danger in international peace, loss of smaller companies, and storage of goods are all negatives of international trade. The two topics that really stick out to me and really concern me are imports of dangerous good and loss of smaller companies. I want to start with the dangerous good, if these countries including the U.S are importing these negative goods we should not have to pay any taxes on them. Referring to Donald Trump and his view is that we should stop international trade because it is hurting our jobs, and smaller businesses. Leading to my second issue the impact on smaller businesses. Smaller companies have been around forever, so now international trade is killing them off because they don’t need them to produce anything. We are having those resources imported to us, now the people that owned the business has no production causing them to shut their b...

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...we lose those big countries that we trade with who knows what could happen? War? An article I found describes why international trade and free trade is important. “Free trade, however, is good for America, and for a very simple reason: It allows American workers to specialize in goods and services that they produce more efficiently than the rest of the world and then to exchange them for goods and services that other countries produce at higher quality and lower cost (Eiras).” This will lead to more competitiveness and more companies to push and invent something bigger, better, and faster.

Those are the negatives and positives that come with international trade, some things about it are bad and other things about it keep this nation running. There are a more positives and negatives that come with international trade, but I just wanted to describe the key factors.

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