The Negative Ways Of African Americans Essay

The Negative Ways Of African Americans Essay

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African-Americans as a group have been treated as unwanted, unworthy minorities, which some people like to pick on. It’s very disturbing to look at the society today and see the same things that were going on back in the slavery days the discrimination, the pain and the inhumane things that were being practiced. Blacks are still considered lesser than a white man when it comes to social economic status just like it was back during the slavery period. Both media and the society we live use many methods to bring the African-American race down. This paper will discuss the negative ways African Americans are perceived in the media, in our society, and what people refuse to respect about African-Americans.
The media has a lot of power in the world today. Many people spend half of their daily lives on social media. Because of this, media has grown into a business that shares anything they think will get them ratings and makes them money to keep business going. Large media corporations are making profit from people 's own ignorance and mistakes on social media, society cannot tell the difference. Martin (2008) found that images shown on T.V. have negative effects on how black view themselves. Littlefield (2008) supports that by saying that media has negatively affected the way we view African-Americans today especially the women. Robert M. Entman and Andrew Rojecki (2000) also talked about the ways in which Black women are portrayed in movies. Staples (1996) added that media also dictates the effectiveness of police brutality on African-Americans compare to that of Whites. In the following paragraphs, I will be explaining in details what the effect of media is on the African-American communities.
Racial images shown on T.V. ...

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... blackmailing blacks in the view of the public so that they can be on their side and keep the so-called criminals away from voting. This will only lead to so of the most important change that needs to be made not coming to pass. This is because most of the people who will vote for change aren’t allowed to vote because of the felon disenfranchisement law. And most likely the reason people are under this law would be because of some petty crime. And the people with powers and want to keep that power will try their hardest to try to keep the people who are going to vote them out of the office out-of-the-way for example, like not letting them vote. This will affect the society greatly because there wouldn’t be enough people in the population to vote for a change. Society not only views blacks as criminals, but also perceive at them to have certain ideal body build.

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