The Negative Stereotypes Of The Bad Girls Club Essay example

The Negative Stereotypes Of The Bad Girls Club Essay example

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The “Bad Girls Club” display groups of women who are obsess with drinking and violent behavior to handle their situations, shining the light on negative stereotypes, defining a “bad girls” and the influencing young girls in today’s society. The way these girls act on TV is the way the media portray women as vulnerable and in need of male attention. By depicting women solely as physical objects, we rarely see them as powerful. Women have often seen each other as competition in many realms of their lives and so have become adept at quickly sizing up their female competition as to what makes a women’s woman (Kramer 210).The show 's has a foundation of seven women with personal, social and psychological problems, who consider their self to be a "bad girl" live together for three months with cameras recording their every move with the intention to change things about themselves and better their lives. These self-proclaimed “bad girls” are supposed to change their wicked behavior and accomplish specific goals at the end of their three-month stay with the other girls in the mansion.
Instead the show turned out to be a group of wild, distressed and crazed females getting a chance to air their business to the world. The “Bad girls club” has gained much success in rating, because of the negative aspects shown in women. Every Tuesday millions of watcher tune in to watch these women make a fool of their self, partying and getting intoxicated until losing control or black out. A woman who is a part of this show consider their self as a “bad”. The Bad Girls Club shows the stereotypes women deal with currently. Fight for no reason, making everything a competition, bring one another down and giving each other labels. For example: if two of the ...

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...ce", although they also eventually must compete with men in business world and be successful. They must be overly sexy and attractive but essentially passive and virginal (Kilbourne 179).
While the purpose of the show is to help women who classify as “bad girls” grow and change their behavior, but instead has transferred into a program that portrays women as violent and irresponsible for their actions. It seems the show is encouraging young women to carry herself as a “bad girl”, and it’s okay to have bad social skills, use bad language, and carry yourself in an inappropriate way. The Bad Girls Club TV series sends horrible representation out of society, saying there’s nothing positive about American culture. Believing that the show is solely for entertainment at the expense of the women who believe that are “bad” and will do anything to show people how “bad” she is.

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