Essay on The Negative Side Effects Of Stress

Essay on The Negative Side Effects Of Stress

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Due to the negative side effects of stress, implementing stress coping mechanisms and programs in schools and colleges will help the students overall mental health and performance.
My Initial Hypothesis
Almost every student out there whether they be in high school or college can say they have been overall stressed at one point in their school career. Stress is a negative emotional experienced (Taylor, 2015). Stress has a number of negative effects that it imposes on the body. When a person is overtly stressed it can weaken their immune system, cause sleep and diet issues, high blood pressure, and can cause the person to start smoking or abuse drugs and alcohol. (Taylor, 2015). Being too stressed can also cause anxiety and depression (Dybrbye, Thomas, & Shanafelt, 2006). Due to the increasing workload for students the amount go students who say they are extremely stresses keeps increasing. When students are stressed they are more likely to perform at a lower rate compared to students who are not stressed.
A stressor is an activity, event or any other stimulus that causes stress in someones life. Many students will say that schoolwork is a big stressor in their life. Schools and colleges rarely offer programs to their students to help reduce stress. If schools took time out of the day and the curriculum and if colleges had more programs or options to help stressed out students relieve stress not only would the students physical and mental health benefit but their overall performance would also increase.
The Empirical Evidence

In a survey conducted of 13,700 undergrad students, forty-five percent reported having two major stressors in the past year while twenty percent reported they were unable to manage their st...

... middle of paper ...

...igher risk of anxiety and depression, and have a shorter attention span. Overall my hypothesis was supported due to the amount of empirical evidence found. There were no articles found that refuted my hypothesis that stress management would help increase performance and overall mental health.
I firmly believe that more schools and colleges need to provide access to healthy ways to manage a person’s stress. Students often more than not push themselves past their level due to family or social stressors. High schoolers take duel credit or AP classes and college students take nineteen or twenty-one credit hours to help separate themselves from the rest of their peers. Stress management will not only help the students overall well being but it will increase performance which is not only good for the student but higher performance rates also looks good for the schools.

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