Negative Relational Patterns And Children Essay

Negative Relational Patterns And Children Essay

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Negative Relational Patterns and Children
A probable cause of origin for anxiety disorders in children stems from the insecure attachment with their parental unit (Bogels & Brechman-Toussaint, 2206). The theory concerning attachment theory believes that “children have an evolutionary bias to behave in ways that enhances proximity to their caregivers” (Bogels & Brechman-Toussaint, 2006, p. 835). The level of attachment encountered by the infant and caregivers’ becomes the pattern of an “internal working model of the self” (Bogels & Brechman-Toussaint, 2006). Children with a secure attachment style tend to be outgoing and friendly, are empathic towards others, adjust well with their environment, and likes to try new things (Doyle, et al., 2000). These children experience a positive self-competence and often excel in school (Doyle, et al., 2000). Furthermore, secure based children have an optimistic view of life that reflects in their abilities to develop genuine peer relationships (Doyle, et al., 2000). The anxious attachment individual feels awkward if cutoff from forming close connections, but becomes enmeshed in these intimate relationships. The avoidant attachment individual feels satisfied in not forming close connections with others and is apt to forgo intimate relationships (Bogels & Brechman-Toussaint, 2006).
Children with insecure attachments are often the victims of marital discord and disharmony as their primary caregivers lack poor conflict resolution skills (Doyle, et al., 2000). Studies show that conflict within the marriage results in the child “externalizing problems and to a lesser extent, internalizing problems such as low self-esteem (Doyle, et al., 2000, p. 516). The link between attachment styles and ...

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... acceptance thus accepting accountability while identifying false beliefs of self and others (Liao &Wei, 2015).
Therefore, individuals with negative relational patterns brought on by insecure attachment styles require an acknowledgement of their lack of humility, gratitude, and forgiveness of self and others. In addition, the evidence shows that forgiveness increases wellbeing as cognitive measures transform insecure attachment individuals towards a healthier secure base (Liao & Wei, 2015). According to Liao and Wei (2015), insecure attachments can change from “negative transgression-related thoughts, feelings, or behaviors by reframing a transgression or perceived transgression through the protective moderator of forgiveness” (p. 216). Forgiveness moves the individual towards a healthy development of humility and gratitude of self and others (Liao & Wei, 2015).

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