The Negative Influence Of Celebrities Essay

The Negative Influence Of Celebrities Essay

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Americans are surrounded by advertisement causing it to be in our daily lives and there is no way around it. Advisers have maintained this trend because they are aware of the outcomes it brings in many methods. Ads have mastered the message of urging the consumer to buy any product at any given moment, which is persuaded by the celebrity. Choi and Rifon recognize the effect, “Advertisers are well aware of the positive influence that celebrities can bring to a persuasive message; approximately 25% of all US television commercials feature celebrities” (304). A quarter of commercial use celebrities to encourage the consumer towards a confident purchase, not to take into consideration how many billboards, ads on social media and magazines show a celebrity has their feature. In addition a study done by George E. Belch and Michael A. Belch discovered that “93% of adults read magazines,” and “spend an average of 42 minutes on each issue” (370) and Escalas and Bettmans contribute to this study by concluding that about 20% of U.S. ads feature celebrities (3) . With celebrities being the focal point of what a magazine consist of, there are bound to influence the consumer into purchasing unnecessary items by taking a glimpse on a magazine or by watching several hours on the television that bring a powerful message of credibility to the consumer. Kilbourne also acknowledge that the average American is exposed to 3000 ads every day (Killing Us Softly). With every media outlet influencing the amount of advertisement that is seen every day, it certainly makes a difference on what the consumer sees as the trend or fad in beauty, fashion and sportswear. These types of influences are definitely taking advantage of the mass media outlets and these s...

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...he consumer. The consumer will never have a physical or personal connection with celebrity, but having things in common or the physical attractiveness. Horton and Wohl define this fake relationship as “intimacy at a distance”, according to Choi and Rifon individuals have a tendency to form the illusion of an interpersonal relationship with celebrities due to their repetitive appearance in the mass media (308). Not only harming the beauty and nature of a bond between two human beings, but saying that it is acceptable to love and care for a product and celebrity more than a person with feelings and who could actually talk back. It is damaging what a real relationship should represent to creating the consumer to crave more products that their favorite celebrities represent to have a sense of need to elevate a better relationship with a product and celebrity at a far.

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