The Negative Impact of Video Game Violence on Children Essay

The Negative Impact of Video Game Violence on Children Essay

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There has been a lot of factors linked to child aggression. One of biggest factors is children playing violent video games. Although video games are commonly used by children there can be negative effects when introduced to violent video games. Recent studies have shown a correlation between violent video games and the behavior of young children. Violent video games influence children's behavior because their attitudes become more aggressive, the availability of violent games has become very easy for children , and with the help of technology the graphics of the video games make the game look identical to real life.
Iowa Sate University did a study on how the violence in video games affect the children's attitude. Iowa Sate University News Serviced defines violent by “...those in which intentional harm is done to a character motivated to avoid that harm” (4). The way the study was conducted it involved two children playing nonviolent video games, two children playing violent video games and two college kids playing “T” rated video games. The “T” stands for “teen”, which means the...

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