The Negative Impact of Internet Use on Child Development Essay

The Negative Impact of Internet Use on Child Development Essay

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The internet is a connection between you and the rest of the world, where information is endless and to a certain extent you are left to do whatever you please. “The percentage of the population with internet access grew from 0.1 percent in 2000 to 43.5 percent in 2010, doubling the number in 2009, which was reported as 20.6 percent,” (Cenameri) this significant increase has given more children access to the internet, but at what cost? The internet stifles a child’s development by the hardships it creates within their health, academic, and social lives.
With the substantial amount of information available from the internet many people believe this resource improves children’s lives, it helps to facilitate communication between people, (Wolniczak) providing people with “continuous learning opportunities,” (Henderson) which connects people from all around the world which levels the playing fields for everyone. (Owens) In reality the immense amount of information does more harm to a child’s development then good.
The vast increase in internet use has put a strain on children’s academic lives. The internet was originally created to serve for communication and research activities, (Ghafari) but students have begun overusing this tool. Certain online search engines have become so popular that they are now their own verb. People now say “google it” instead of “search for it,” (Bilton) they are becoming dependent on a website that allows them to type in their questions in a matter of seconds. It is not just websites that children have access to, “students retrieve their textbooks, newspapers, journals, and books in digital formats where they are rather than traveling somewhere to look...

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