Essay on The Negative Impact of Homosexual Behavior on Society

Essay on The Negative Impact of Homosexual Behavior on Society

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Homosexuality is not a 20th century situation but has been in history from the age of ancient Rome, Greece, Egypt, and even China. The attitude toward homosexuality always has been a variable, depending on the social, cultural and morality, or even the political development (Barnecka et al., 2005). Back in Greek history the concept of relations between two men was seen as the highest form of love, whereas the Judaic view always was against and frowned upon these relations considering it immoral and illegal. However, when the Roman rule was destroyed and the Christians took over Europe, homosexuality was seen as perverse (Woodward, 1997).
This ideology continued until the first gay activist called Karl Ulrich started the decriminalization of homosexuals. He claimed that homosexuality was biologically based in which the embryo’s body and mind developed in different directions. However, today this characteristic is called transsexual in which the female or male mind is trapped in the opposite-sex’s body (Barnecka et al., 2005). Another explanation that was given for homosexuality was that the mind was degenerative. This was proposed by Richard Kraft, where the degeneration affected the opinions on sexual orientation, his theory made homosexuality to be removed from the sin category in most European countries at the beginning of the 20th century (Gallagher & Baker, 2006).
In the process homosexuality was treated as a mental disorder that needed treatment. In the process many were treated using medial means that often left them physically injured and with emotional trauma (Barnecka et al., 2005). This was the era that saw psychiatric treatment for homosexuality as homosexuals sort the help of psychologists. The sexual then follow...

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...hol, engage in un-natural sex, increase the spread of STDs, HIV/AIDS, increase in pedophile activity and child abuse, intestinal parasites, suicide cases, murder and hate crimes, and domestic violence, masochism, and accidental deaths.

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