Negative Impact Of Differing Beliefs And Misjudgments On Native American And Spanish Relations

Negative Impact Of Differing Beliefs And Misjudgments On Native American And Spanish Relations

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Negative Impact of Differing Beliefs and Misjudgments on Native American and Spanish Relations
The different beliefs that Native Americans and the Spanish had and the misjudgments they had about each other, were key sources for the violent conflict that arose between the two. These differences, and misjudgments by the Spanish can be seen through the stories of the Iroquois Native Americans and the writings of Bartolome de Las Casas. One source of discord between the two groups was there different ways of looking at land itself and how it was to be treated. Furthermore, the Native American and Spanish’s differing religious views and religiously based misjudgments about one another were a major part in how the Spanish were able to cement their position in the region and continue to foster animosity in Native Americans. Additionally, the misjudgments the Spanish made about the health constitution of the Native Americans led to increased decimation of the Native Americans as well through intentional violence and unintentional pathogen spread. It was thereby through the issues involving land, religion, and well-being the relationship between the Native Americans and the Spanish soured which would forever change the landscape of the Americas.
A key point of disagreement between Native Americans and the Spanish explorers and settlers was their beliefs on land ownership and treatment. Many Native American stories passed down orally and later recorded discuss how the land is to be shared among tribesmen of a tribe and, describe how mankind should work in sync with nature. For example the Iroquois Native American’s stories explain that nature is to be respected and that all the flora and fauna that is useful to them was given to them by ...

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...and the Spanish. Differing ideas regarding what it meant to live on the land and what was the proper way to treat gave way to forceful takeovers by the Spanish with millions of Native Americans dead. Religious differences between the two helped the Spanish to justify why they were subjugating Native Americans and religious misjudgments made by the Native Americans made it easier for the Spanish to domineer over them. Misjudgments regarding the mental and physical fortitude of the Native Americans also made the Spanish more eager to engage the Native Americans, but as time went on they would see that the battle would not be so easily won. These early differences and misjudgments would have a lasting negative impact on the relations that not only the Spanish had with Native Americans, but also the rest of Europe set on traveling across the sea to the new foreign land.

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