The Negative Impact of Animal Testing

The Negative Impact of Animal Testing

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1.2 Current Situation

With the increasing number of researches increasing to take place for different purposes including industrial and health purposes, animal testing is also increasing

in number. Many non governmental organisation are against animal testing and this has caused a very large impact on the opinion the society used to have

towards animal testing. This has caused different people to have different personal views on animal testing. Recent studies show that about 20 million animals

are being killed as they are used in animal testing (Andre & Velasquez, n.d.). While there are some who are against animal testing, some companies especially

companies producing drugs for medical supply continue to use animals to test their products. Issue of counting animals that are being tested is also another

complication. About 90 percent of the animals that are being tested are not even counted in the U.S. statistics alone without taking other countries into account

(11 Facts about Animal Testing, n.d.).

1.3 Reserch Question

Taking into consideration all the opinions of supporters and those who oppose to animal testing, different point of views have raised in number to stand with

their interests. By investigating all the viewpoints of the general public, scientists and non governmental organisation, the main question that should be brought

forward and answered is: "Does animal testing cause negative effects to the society?"

1.4 Thesis Statement

Upon closes analysis, it can be concluded that there are negative effects of animal testing on the society. Negative effects of animal testing on the environment

includes the incompability of the human body with animals, high costs are involved in carrying out animals testing and the matter of safety also needs to be

considered too.

1.5 Scope of Research

Therefore, this report will focus on what are the negative impacts of animal testing on the society, bas on the thesis statement above. This research will

investigate in further what are the negative impacts of animal testing on the society with examples as well as taking into consideration all the arguments which

support animal testing to have a better understanding of this issue entirely.

2.0 Body of content

2.1 Incompability of the human body to animals

First and foremost, one of the conflicts made against animal testing is regarding the incompability of the human body to animals. This can vary in

many different ways. Animals and humans have a totally different system although humans and most animals come under the clssification on being mammals.

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Homo sapiens, often known as humans have different ways of responding to a certain reaction compared to animals (Murnaghan, 2013). To be more exact,

the chemical reactions that happen inside a body to fight any bacteria or viruses would be different both in a human and an animal body. As a result, a clear

scenario would not be able to be detected on what is really happening in the human body if we use animals to be tested. Moreover, another factor that has to

be reflected is the mental stability of the animal during the testing period (Miley, n.d.). Animals are also like humans. It is scientificaly proven that animals too

have feelings. It might be a case of insecurity of the animal that is being tested that causes it to react in a different way. For example, the animal might be in fear,

therefore, certainly the reaction of the particular animals towards the test might be unusual. This shows that animal testing can be very inaccurate as the nature

of the human body differs when compared to an animal.

The second main contention that is made against animal testing is that animals behave in a different manner in different environments. Imagine being

locked up in a room for more than 24 hours without good supply of food and water. Yes, that is how animals are kept when they are taken to be tested with.

Animals are kept in cages, more of a very stressful environment without being able to make much movements (Gibbs, n.d.). This will cause restlessness in

animals and this will cause the body to change, for example, their food intake amount might decrease and their health in the whole will be bad. Animals that are

kept in this way might be very ill and this also causes the reaction towards a drug that is being tested to be different. A very simple example to compare animals

with humans in this case is when humans fall sick. Generally, humans would not be able to consume food normally, they also might feel lethargic and there is a

clear difference between a healthy and a sick human. Same goes to animals. In a very cold environment, the body temperature of an animal might increae and

this might cause their enzyme production to be reduced and the whole body system get interruppted. As a result, when they are kept in this type of

environment, they will certainly not respond to any drugs as they are supposed to as it might take time or even worse, the dugs used might not be effective at


On the other hand, there are those who claims that animal testing have advantages that can benefit the society. Those who supports animal testing

claims that animal testing helps ensure safety of the drugs that are being produced in the medical industry. It is believed that the purpose of animal testing is to

ensure that all drugs are not harmful to be consumed or used by humans (Murnaghan, 2013). Hence, it improves the wuality of a human's life. However, in a

much bigger picture, animal testing is very harmful towards the animals themselves. Some drugs are poisonous and this might cause death of the animals

(Murnaghan, 2013). There are two types of drugs that can cause death. One that is too strong for the animal to take in and another type is where the drug kills

the animal slowly. A very recent case is that, to test carcinogen substances, animals are being tested for two years in a daily basis. This can cause infection in the

animal's lungs and it might cause death. Another case that has been revealed lately is that, a lot of these animal testing involve killing pregnant animals and testing

their fetuses with the drugs that are poduced (11 Facts about Animal Testing, n.d.).

In a nutshell, it can be said that animal testing is a very cruel way of testing drugs just to improve the quality of human lives. Therefore, animal testing carries a

lot of negative impacts with it.


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