Essay on The Negative Effects Of Smart Phones Use

Essay on The Negative Effects Of Smart Phones Use

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The Negative Effects of Smart Phones Use
Our culture has come to rely on smart phones for the majority of activities. Smart phones have specifically changed how we work, communicate, pay bills, play, and (in this case) do research. In the articles on, the author brings out that smart phones are great for communication, great for studies and business, good for emergencies, and that everyone can always be connected. These are all very true things about cell phones, but there are many negatives to cell phone use as this paper will point out.
The articles bring out that phones are great for communication. They are great for communicating with family and friends that live a long way away. As long as you have network connection you can do anything with it. Whether its sending a text message, Snapchat, or calling you can always communicate with those that are not with you at that very moment (Advantages and Disadvantages; Positive and Negatives).
The article also brings out that cell phones are good for emergencies. Most people carry their cell phones with them in case an emergency was to happen; they can easily call someone who can aid in that emergency situation. Another reason smart phones are great for studies and business is that if it wasn’t for technology and smart phones, Professor Priest would not have been able to teach us on these online classes. Businessmen and businesswomen also rely on smart phones to communicate with employees and customers (Positive and Negative).
Now, there are also many negatives that come along with smart phones. People do not communicate the same way they used to because of these devices. People do not get to know those that are around them when they go somewhere. In families where ev...

... middle of paper ...

... advantages. The fact that accidents happen because individuals are not paying attention to their surroundings, but to their phones should be scary enough for the individuals put the cell phones down. The side effect of not putting the cell phone down could be making an emergency that said individuals then have to use their cell phone for. With the way communication has changed, many relationships are on the rocks because people cannot take their faces out of their phones to pay attention to their loved ones (as previously shown in an example). Because of this, the term “loved ones” have turned from people to technology. The stress of not being able to escape from cell phones causes tension, frustration, anger, and possibly depression of people who cannot seem to move away from the distraction. This will also then lead to the destruction of families and relationships.

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