The Negative Effects of Nuclear Power Plants Essay

The Negative Effects of Nuclear Power Plants Essay

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Nuclear Power
  Nuclear power is known to us as a source of energy and not much more than that. We do not consider the risks of this power source in which we use. Using nuclear power plants hurts our planet by producing harmful fumes and radioactive wastes. Nuclear power plants produce radioactive waste that has to be disposed properly but even with precautions the waste stays dangerously radioactive for several years with nothing we can do about it. It is not only dangerous because of life of the radioactive waste but also the consideration that it might be spilled in an area in which can harm our planet even more and/or people and animals. These power plants are technically atomic bombs since they have the same process to be able to produce high outputs of energy, messing around with atoms, which can be extremely dangerous. They are not only dangerous because of their output but also because their behavior is unpredictable when there is no systems to cool them down. For example, not to long ago Japan was struck by a massive earthquake which tampered with their nuclear power plants controlling systems and they were afraid that if the plants heated up to much they would explode. Japan had many fail-safes but in such a disaster as they were in we have to expect the unexpected. Nuclear power plants need to many precautions. If we switched our dependency on these plants we would be able to live a much more healthier and safer life. We can switch to green alternatives
which are much less harmful for both our planet and ourselves. There are many green alternatives which can fit into any type of surroundings. For example you would not put hydro pumps in a desert, but you might put solar panels to be able to collect the most energy p...

... middle of paper ... from splitting atoms we used dangerous ways to get energy which is one of the main reasons we have global warming.
  People might conclude that since a person who started of opposing nuclear power and is now a supporter makes it okay to support them aswell but there is also an opposing side. Greenpeace is one organization that never softened up to the idea of nuclear energy. They state, “We've always believed that it's an inherently dangerous technology that should be phased out and replaced," says Jim Riccio, a nuclear policy analyst for Greenpeace USA. "And there are many cheaper, easier and less dangerous ways to generate electricity that don't threaten our families, homes and communities.” (Are Nuclear Plants Safe? Environmentalists Are Split). There are opposing views on the topic which state that they see nuclear power as dangerous as everyone says it is.

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