Negative effects of No Child Left Behind and Venture Philanthropists Essay

Negative effects of No Child Left Behind and Venture Philanthropists Essay

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In the two articles that I read the main theme seemed to be educational reform. Diane Ravitch focuses predominantly on the aspect of No Child Left Behind (NCLB) while Kenneth Saltman focuses more on Venture Philanthropists and their effect on the privatization of the public school system. Both of these articles look at the negative effects of these agendas.
When Diane Ravitch looks at NCLB, it is with a critical eye. At first she explains what NCLB is trying to accomplish. Ravitch states “NCLB dictated that every student in every school would be proficient by 2014” (2011). If schools do not reach adequate yearly progress they will be required to make changes. These changes can include firing the principal, part or all of the staff, closing the school or even changing the school to a private school of some sort. In essence, NCLB demands that changes be made to the school if it does not reach what they determine to be adequate yearly progress. So far NCLB has not had a positive impact on improving schools. As Ravitch states “No school has ever improved by closing.” (2011). While there are things that a low performing school can do to improve, closing is not one of those things. Even if a school is closed and reopened under new administration doesn’t mean that the school will suddenly be a better school. Instead of improving schools NCLB has produced “widespread cheating...a curriculum with less time for history, science, and the arts; teaching to the test and meager academic gains on the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP).” (Ravitch, 2011). NCLB is also leading the public to believe that schools are failing or have failed because they are not reaching the 100% proficiency goal. This is making the public skeptical...

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...ere will soon not be a society in which we can have a public education system. As everything becomes privatized, there will be no “common good” as people will be looking out only for themselves. Society, as it is now, has to take a good look at what we are becoming and where it could all end up in the future. By following along with those who would make a profit out of education, we are taking a step down a dangerous road. It is necessary to bring to light all the negative aspects of NCLB and the agenda of the venture philanthropists and turn education around to put it on the right road once more.

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