Essay about The Negative Effects of Human Influence in the Amazon Rainforest

Essay about The Negative Effects of Human Influence in the Amazon Rainforest

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The beautiful Amazon rainforest “covers a vast area of more than two and one-half million square kilometers” (The Amazon: Its Developers, Destroyers). It is home to a wide variety of plants and animals, not found anywhere else in the world. Scientists believe that there are still many yet to be found. The Amazon is also home to many tribes who have been there for a long period of time. These tribes accommodate medicine men who know the secrets of the rainforest and the healing properties not yet discovered by scientists. The mysterious Amazon is a long-time treasure that needs to be preserved, because there is so much still to be discovered. However, everyday these opportunities are being taken away from future generations because of the human influence on the Amazon rainforest. Future cures for diseases and the discovery of new life in the Amazon are being destroyed more and more every day. Human influence is negatively effecting the Amazon rainforest.
Although they are many negative effects of humans in the Amazon, there are also some positive ones. Tourism is one way humans positively impact the Amazon rainforest. Tourism increases economic support for the country or nearby city. It may also to increase public appreciation of the environment and to spread awareness of environmental problems when it brings people into closer contact with the environment. Humans are also organizing groups to preserve and protect certain species living in the Amazon rainforest. Scientists are using plants from the Amazon to help cure diseases. They have also discovered they can do this through rainforest insects, and can early detect certain virus to create a cure for them. Ranchers raise cattle for the growing beef demand in America and other cou...

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